In short Zachary Lee’s music is a melting pot of indie, blues, jazz, folk and funk. Original music, and improvisational exploration are the mission of this project.
Zachary Lee has musical tastes ranging from Miles Davis, to Led Zeppelin to Father John Misty. These influences are heard keenly through his original works. He studied psychology and music at University, but reached great heights prior; singing Mozart’s Requiem at Carnegie Hall at the age of 18.
Presently Zachary is accompanied by Stephen Gallagher on bass and Luke “Cheetah” Ross on drums.

Stephen Gallagher is a virtuoso bassist with backgrounds in jazz, country, and rock. When Steve was 13 years old he was given his first bass guitar. He was immediately introduced to Zachary Lee through a mutual music friend. Zachary and Steve immediately began collaborating, forming the heavy metal band Ominous.
Stephen and Zac’s musical tastes evolved over several years. In high school they formed the jam-rock band Solar Plexus.
At age 18 Stephen and Zachary took lessons from the same private music teacher Alan Endeavor McDonald. This is where Steve began to develop his background in music theory, and a keen appreciation for bands like Weather Report, Frank Zappa, The Beatles, The Blues Brothers, and Phish.
By the age of 20 Stephen had already amassed a fair amount of gigging experience, from playing festivals and dive bars with Solar Plexus. He decided to branch out and begin a career as a Hired Gun bassist. Stephen attained an incredible talent for learning hundreds of songs within a week’s time. Stephen gained notoriety playing with several extremely popular cover bands in his home state of West Virginia.

Luke Ross began his journey into drumming as soon as he could sit up at the dinner table – tapping rhythms back and forth with his dad and laying down killer pots ‘n pans solos on the kitchen floor. He began taking lessons at the age of 5 and had his first experience playing in a live setting for his school choir in the 4th grade. However, it was not until Luke moved to the Pittsburgh region in 2010 that his passion for drumming was truly realized and opportunities began to abundantly present themselves.

A very important part of Luke’s education in drums comes from the exceptional percussion program of North Allegheny High School and all the amazing people who invested so deeply in him and so many other students. Luke was a member of NA’s Tiger Marching Band drumline and Indoor Percussion ensemble all 4 years of high school, and this experience continues to greatly influence his timing, hand technique, control, discipline, and style.  From the very first time Luke heard Zachary’s music, he thought that it was extremely special – and is incredibly excited for the opportunity to be a part of this project and to continue to learn and grow in his playing.

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